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Christmas Cakes (at the feet of the Mother of God)

Christmas Cakes (at the feet of the Mother of God)

I have discovered these cakes since I have been here in Moldova ... in our country in Transylvania they are not made ... they are very good ... and they are made on Christmas Eve and given as alms ... super .. .a big plate is eaten .... Usually they are made from homemade dough, water and flour ... but we were lazier this year (more mother-in-law ...) and bought pie sheets

  • 2 packets of palcinta leaves
  • walnut to taste, about 500 g we put
  • grated peel of 4 lemons and an orange
  • 3 free of rom
  • sugar to taste
  • the water

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Christmas Cakes (at the feet of the Mother of God):

The pie sheets are carefully unwrapped and cut into 4 parts, then take them piece by piece and fry on the stove. After frying, all are soaked in syrup made of water, sugar and rum essence. Roast the walnuts and grind them, mix them with plenty of sugar and grated lemon and orange peel.

Place a row of soaked sheets on the plates, then sprinkle the richly flavored walnut, put another row of sheets and so on. Put a thicker layer of walnut on top. The more syrupy the sheets, the better the cakes.

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these cakes are consecrated by the priest, before Christmas (only the fried sheets), then in the evening of Eve they are put with walnuts and plates are made that are given as alms for. those taken to the holy ones, to be by the soul of those dear to me and departed from us: mother Neta, grandmother Lucretia and grandfather Nicolae!

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