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Easter eggs painted with onion peels

Easter eggs painted with onion peels

Wash eggs well under running cold water.

In a pot, prepare the water with the 3 tablespoons of vinegar and a little salt then put the red and yellow onion peels (if we want a lighter color, put more yellow onion peels).

In the meantime, we are also preparing the egg decoration. Put 2-3 green leaves on each egg and put them in the sock, which are then tied tightly with thread.

After we have finished decorating the eggs, put the water with the onion peels to the boil and add the eggs one by one and let them boil for 10-12 minutes, then turn off the heat and let them stand for another 5-10 minutes. color well.

Remove from the water, remove from the sock and allow to cool slightly and then grease with a small piece of bacon to get a nice shine.

Easter eggs painted with onion peels - Recipes

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â € ¢ 30 fresh eggs
â € ¢ half a teaspoon of salt
â € ¢ A tablespoon of vinegar
â € ¢ Peels of 30 white or red onions, or both
â € ¢ 50 grams of bacon
Wash the onion peels well, boil them in 4 liters of salted water for an hour.
Meanwhile, wash the eggs with lukewarm water and dishwashing detergent to degrease them. Then rinse them twice with cold water.
Turn off the heat, strain the water from the onion peels and put it in a pot in which you add the eggs that you boil for 10 minutes. After 5 minutes, add the vinegar. Take out the eggs, let them dry for two minutes, grease them with bacon and you are ready to welcome the resurrection of the Lord.
If you want to have beautifully decorated eggs with plant motifs, before putting the eggs to a boil, put one egg together with dill leaves, parsley, dandelion in a sock with a den of 15, tie it tightly and leave it to boil together with the other eggs. The plant motif will be printed on the egg.
Happy Easter!

Traditions: Easter eggs painted in onion peels

One of the symbols of Easter is the red eggs. According to tradition, the eggs are painted in a boil with onion peels. If these peels come from red onions, so much the better. For decoration, it is customary to apply leaves of any shape on the eggs, more strange or more pleasant, according to everyone's imagination. Then, thus prepared, the eggs are put in nylon stockings, then boiled in water with onion peels.

In the past, all kinds of powders or leaves were used to paint Easter eggs, such as "galascău" or "mierială", which colored the eggs yellow or red. Or, simply, they went out to the fair, where marketers with a tradition in the preparation of paints or solutions, sold them "by the teaspoon". With these ingredients, the eggs were to be boiled, adding a few teaspoons of rice to the water.

Now, in the age of speed and comfort, in stores there are all kinds of chemicals for painting eggs, in envelopes, not exactly "healthy" solution, given the possibility that they penetrate the egg.

More recently, for those who want to bring a special freshness to Easter eggs, the whole consumer society has come to their aid, with stickers of all kinds, which can be pasted on the red egg. A solution, however, a bit bad, as the housewives say, given that the eggs are then difficult to clean.

Naturally painted red eggs with onion peels

How to paint Easter eggs naturally with onion peels?

  • Choose the dried onion leaves, white and red, in what proportions you want.
  • Cover the onion peels with water and simmer for 10-15 minutes until the water is nicely colored. Let the boiled onion leaves cool (until the next day).
  • Wash the eggs very well. You can use colored or white eggs (I used different colored country eggs, so the red eggs were different shades).
  • Strain the water from the onion leaves and put the boiled eggs in it.
  • Add a pinch of vinegar and salt when you boil them (I admit I forgot to put them and they still came out nicely colored).
  • Once they are cooked, take them out on a towel or paper and you can immediately grease them with a small piece of bacon or a napkin with oil.

Quite simple, I say now. And I really liked the result. So I decided to leave the recipe here and maybe next year you will try it too.

Eggs Painted In Onion Peels

Wash the eggs well and leave them to dry. You can paint them for Easter but also for raising. Eggs painted with onion peels The quick and ecological easy method of painting eggs is a traditional ingenious process.

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Eggs painted with onion peels old recipe and much healthier.

Eggs painted in onion peels. Recipe eggs painted with onion peels from the categories of appetizer Easter recipes. Asmr red easter eggs painted with onion peels. Eggs painted with onion peels. Because I was talking very recently about naturally painted eggs, I couldn't help but talk a little about and probably the most popular simple ecological and definitely cheap method.

It is a painting technique that I like very much without chemicals and easy to make. How to paint eggs with red onion peels and yellow onions. If you liked this video, don't forget to subscribe to channel n. Everything is natural, try to paint red eggs with this method.

I took an example from her and started collecting yellow onion peels and red onions a month before Easter. And I only make them in onion skins today, on Good Friday, it was the Transylvanian custom to paint eggs. We know that the famous method of painting eggs with onion peels is also possible with typographic paint that is toxic. Look how beautiful these red eggs are.

How to paint eggs with onion peels presentation of naturally painted red Easter eggs. I have two methods that I use every time for painted eggs. This time I chose these eggs painted in onion peels just because of the interesting pattern that is made during painting. How to prepare recipe red eggs painted in onion peels.

How to dye eggs naturally with onion peels. I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about, especially since when I was a kid I used to paint them like that every time. Eggs painted with. But no result compares to what you get from here, and no other method is as fun and has the potential to gather the whole family around as the next.

Eggs painted naturally with onion peels are cheap chemical-free painted eggs with onion peels that contain natural pigments. That's how my grandmother used to paint eggs for the Easter holidays. You will have dye-free and much healthier eggs. Probably many of us return during the holidays to the traditional recipes of our mothers and grandparents out of the desire to prepare and make things as natural as possible but also for the fact that.

Onion peels are washed then put in a saucepan with water, stop a few to be placed on top of the eggs and boil for 20 minutes then add the eggs a little salt and a tablespoon of vinegar. If you want some naturally painted eggs that look very beautiful, I recommend eggs painted with onion peels decorated with various leaves from the garden. From each pasta we paint eggs some with dyes others with onion peels others with turmeric beetroot red cabbage and other methods. Ana maria burov April 15, 2014 I have been making such colorful Easter eggs since I was little, I learned from my mother and I think I passed on as well.

Eggs naturally painted in onion peels

Eggs naturally painted in red onion peels mixed with yellow onion peels. I remember from childhood how my mother painted Easter eggs. He would put a leaf of larch, parsley or bush on them to give them a beautiful pattern and dress them in a dress. If we paint them only in yellow onion peels, the eggs will be red, just like here & # 8211, and if we paint them only in red onion peels, they will have dark brown color.


  • red onion peels + yellow onion peels
  • eggs
  • 1 tablespoon coarse salt
  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar
  • a tights the color of the foot
  • green leaves of parsley, larch or whatever you want
  • 1 tablespoon oil

How to prepare naturally painted eggs in onion peels.

1. Wash the onion peels and put them in a pan. 3/4 of the pan should be with onion peels.

2. Wash the eggs with warm water and degrease them with a sponge. We can put them directly over the onion leaves and boil them, or we can dress them in dresses like I did.

3. Apply a green leaf on the side of the egg and dress it in a dressing strip. We tighten the ends of the jersey as much as possible so that they catch the color nicely and we tie them with thread.

4. Put eggs in the pan over the onion leaves.

5. Mix the vinegar with salt and dissolve them in a cup of water. Add water over the eggs. It should be enough to cover the eggs.

6. Let it simmer on low heat, and from the moment it starts to boil, let it simmer for another 15 minutes. They boiled me for about 30 minutes on low heat.

7. Immediately remove them from the hot water, remove them from the tights and remove the leaf.

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Eggs painted with onion peels and decorated with plant leaves

As a child, it was our joy to pick plants and use them to decorate the Easter egg. . I also tried this year to see if I still succeed. I have been painting only with onion peels for years and I am happy with how they turn out.

We take the bowl and put water in it, about 3.5 l and then we add the onion peels.

Put salt and vinegar over the onion peels and the pot on the fire.

While the onion peels are boiling, for about 30 minutes, we degrease, wash the eggs.

Then we put them on a paper napkin to dry.

We cut the sock into equal pieces so that we can include the egg with it.

We take a piece of sock, put a leaf on the egg and tie the sock with a piece of thread so that the leaf stays fixed. After the 30 minutes have elapsed, our solution can be used for painting.

We take one by one and carefully insert it in the painting solution, taking care not to break them and let them boil for 10 minutes.

We take out all the eggs one by one with a spoon and put them on a paper towel or magazine sheets.

We cut the pieces of sock and peel off the leaves, if they did not come off when we cut the sock.


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