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Adrià Brothers (Yes, Those Adriàs) to Open Mexican Restaurant

Adrià Brothers (Yes, Those Adriàs) to Open Mexican Restaurant

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Ferran and Albert Adrià reportedly want to bring a taste of Mexico to Barcelona

Just when you thought elBulli was the last you were going to see of Ferran Adrià (wait, no, we never thought that), news is that the legendary chef and his brother are opening a Mexican restaurant.

While in Mexico City doing interviews before heading to the southeast for the Cancún-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival, Adrià told the Spanish newspaper ABC that he and Albert are opening said restaurant in Barcelona, Eater reports. He was reportedly using the Mexico trip "to try new things and develop ideas for the restaurant."

The two told ABC that they hope the restaurant and the cuisine will become "ambassadors of Mexico not only in Spain, but in the world." Rumor has it that the Adriàs are collaborating with El Bajío owner Carmen "Titita" Ramirez, and the Spanish newspapers seem happy to know they won't be serving any Tex-Mex. (Word of warning, though: In 2009, after the brothers had made a trip to Italy, the press giddily reported that they were planning to open a pizzeria back home. That turned out to be a misinterpretation of an offhanded remark Albert had made, and in fact they had never planned any such thing.)

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