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Oscar Nominees’ $168,000 Swag Bag Includes $280 Worth of Maple Syrup

Oscar Nominees’ $168,000 Swag Bag Includes $280 Worth of Maple Syrup

This year’s swag bag breaks records as the most expensive of all time; it also includes lollipops and apples

Everyone’s a winner with this bag of super expensive party favors.

Birdman may have flown away with two of the biggest honors last night, but every one of the nominees went home a winner with an impressive swag bag, breaking the bank at $168,000 apiece. Each of the gift bags, which went to the 21 nominees of the major Oscar categories, contained, along with a fancy camping trip and a scary-sounding “non-invasive liposuction device,” $280 worth of maple syrup goodies from Rouge Maple, according to Business Insider.

Rouge Maple, a designer maple syrup company whose bottles look more like rum than pancake topping, allows you to adopt your own maple tree and buy pure maple syrup from your specific tree. That wasn’t the only food-themed gift in the super luxurious swag bag: nominees also received $75 worth of ambrosia apples from Washington state and a $14,000 “lifestyle makeover” from Reset Yourself, which allows nominees to channel their inner Gwyneth with juice cleanses, $1,000 worth of Master Chef Wellness Cooking at Home lessons, $500 of nutritional supplements, and a kitchen detox program.

When you’re done detoxing, someone also threw in $45 worth of organic cookies — gluten-free, of course.

Oscars Swag Bags: A History of Edible Gifts Since 2003

Once upon a time, in a magical land called California, presenters and performers at the glamorous Academy Awards received gift bags to thank them for their time and talent. From the 1970s through 2006, this munificent Eden persisted. Then the IRS came along and ruined all the fun, declaring these expensive tokens income and thus subject to taxes. In 2007, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences discontinued the gifts. By then, private companies had already swooped into the coveted swag space, distributing goodies to everyone from award-winning actors to unnaturally tan reality stars. The most elaborate of these offerings have been put together since 2003 by marketing company Distinctive Assets, whose “Everybody Wins” gift bags ensure that nominees who don’t get a golden statue still walk away with armloads of consolation prizes worth thousands (one year over $100,000).

The swag bags feature an array of beauty and fashion finds (this year’s most extravagant include a hair-transplant procedure worth $16,000 and a $2,700 O-Shot to rejuvenate a woman’s…well, you can probably guess), plus fancy vacations like a $9,000 “Best of Las Vegas” trip. Bon Appétit, however, is, of course, only interested in the edible items. Here’s what the A-list has taken home in recent history:

2003: The Year of Dinner for Two
Some actors have trouble snagging an Oscar, but surely most can scrounge up a willing dinner date. That seemed to be the thinking behind the first “Everybody Wins” gift bag, which offered dinner for two at eight different Los Angeles restaurants, including: Opaline, Spanish Kitchen, Sona, Sonora Café, Mirabelle, and Fenix at the Argyle Hotel. BA‘s own restaurant and drinks editor, Andrew Knowlton, remembers Sona as “one of the first places that was doing Asian-inspired crudo dishes. Oh, and it was the first time I heard about a guy named David Myers.” But since then, all of these restaurants have closed. Call it the swag bag kitchen curse…

2004: The Year of Alcohol and Chocolate
Effen vodka from Holland, Kron choocolate from New York, tequila from…Sammy Hagar? It was all in the 2004 bags. And in case those items didn’t satisfy the nominees’ sweet tooth, there was also a Champagne-and-chocolate basket awaiting them in the complimentary penthouse accommodation at Caesars Palace, where they were also given $3,000 to spend at Palace restaurants.

2005: The Year of No Food
Effen Vodka made the cut again in 2005, but there was nothing else edible included. Perhaps that was because the swag theme that year seemed to be oral hygiene. Included were Crest Whitestrips, the Intelliclean System from Sonicare & Crest, and a complimentary dental consult with “America’s Dentist”—perhaps to remove all the damage from last year’s alcohol and chocolate bonanza?

2006: The Year of Fancy Water
Celebrities’ delicate digestive systems are not equipped to handle the crusty old tap water us Normals drink. Instead they must hydrate their finely tuned bodies with a higher order of liquid extracted by beret-wearing French elves from a golden-ash-spewing volcano—or wherever Volvic comes from. A case of H20 newcomer Hint, the now ubiquitous naturally flavored water, was also included.

2007: The Year of $1,000 Balsamic Vinegar
Scrolling through the list of edibles from 2007, one comes across several modestly priced options: chocolate-dipped Altoids ($2.50), Voyant Chai Cream Liquer ($25), Allie’s Edibles Comfort Sweets ($32.50). And then there’s a non-Googleable brand of balsamic Italian vinegar with the inexplicable value of $1,000 next to it. Distinctive Markets told BA it was an extra gift from an Italian fashion company included with the other items, made by a friend on a limited basis.

2008 and 2009: The Years of Recession
The “Everybody Wins” bags were purposefully understated in 2008 and 2009, with items focused on “fun, functionality and relaxation” over “opulence.” So it was the perfect time for the all-American mother-daughter company Jennie and Vera’s Cookies to get into the mix. There was also a brand called Booty Pop on the 2009 list, which is not some sort of naughty lollipop, but instead is entirely non-edible padded underwear.

2010: The Year of Portion Control
Suave, skinny actors make us average-sized humans look like obese giants. Should we resign ourselves to the fact that their lithe physiques are the product of incredible genetics or do they actually have some sort of secret weapon, say, plates with swirly designs that are a secret code for how to divide up protein, carbs, and vegetables? If the inclusion of Slimware portion-control plates in the 2010 swag bag is any indication, it just might be the latter.

2011: The Year of Chocouture
Diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, sapphire, topaz, onyx, and amethyst—all the chocolate jewels a girl or boy could want were in a nine-piece “jewelry box” of chocolates worth $75. The Slimware plates were included again in 2011, perhaps to somehow offset all the chocolate.

2012: The Year of the Artisan Mixologist
This year’s nominees were offered “one of the country’s foremost artisan mixologists” to “tend a premium stocked bar, complete with custom Disaronno cocktails, at the location of their choosing, for up to 100 guests,” valued at $15,000.

2013: The Year of the Dukan Diet
Remember those royal rumors that the already-slim Kate Middleton had lost a bunch of pre-wedding weight with the Dukan Diet, with different phases that sound like a war strategy (attack, cruise, consolidate, and stabilize)? In 2013, America’s royalty got $400 worth of Dukan Diet goodies, including goji berries, oat bran chocolate chip cookies, oat bran coconut almond bars, and free diet coaching.

2014: The Year of…Maple Syrup?
2014’s bag has plenty of edible items: chocolate-dipped bacon, herbal tea lollipops, English toffee, plus vodka and wine. But the biggest culinary splurge is $280 worth of organic maple products: syrups, salad dressings, jellies—even maple mustard. Nominees will also receive a certificate of adoption for a real live maple tree in Quebec. Hope they’ve got someone to guard it.

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Here's everything inside the $168,000 Oscar nominee swag bag

Nominees will also receive a certificate of adoption for a Maple Tree in Notre-Dame-Des-Bois from Rouge.

A $300 trio of specially designed bracelets from Jan Lewis Designs. Men will receive silk ties.

10 sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky worth $900.

$1,200 worth of Healing Saint products from Wellness 360 including skin serum that reduces fine lines, a hair growth stimulant, protein mix, vitamins, and minerals.

A $1,548 VIP tour to a private sea salt preserve in the South of France from La Baleine Natural Mediterranean Sea Salts.

Recipients also receive a private lunch for up to 10 people. Read more about it here.

A $4,068 non-invasive liposuction wearable device from Ventura Lipo-Light.

One of the strangest items on the list is a $5,000 "O-Shot" couples procedure to kickstart sex drives.

Couples can also choose from an LEO (Laser Enhanced Orgasm Shot) or Priapus Shot.

This comes from the same people who did 2013's Vampire Facelift Oscar gift. Read more about it here.

A $5,060 home spa system from Steamist.

An $11,500 Italian luxury hotel package which includes a 3-night stay in a suite at Villa Armena in Tuscany, a 3-night stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como, and a 3-night stay at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria.

A $12,500 glamour camping trip from TerraVelo Tours which includes surfing, horseback riding, hot air balloon rides, and more.

A $14,239 lifestyle makeover from Reset Yourself.

The package includes the following:

  • Hair Mineral Analysis and Retest ($1,590)
  • Reset Yourself Nutritional Supplements ($50-$150)
  • Reset Booster Cleanse ($499)
  • Floral Arrangement ($250) ?
  • VIP Day - customized implementation and guidance based on unique Hair Mineral Analysis results ($3500)
  • Kitchen/Pantry Detox ($750)
  • Organic Cooking Master Chef - Wellness Cooking At Home ($1000) ?
  • Targeted Supplements ($500)
  • Meditation Expert ($500)
  • VIP Day after 4 months: ? Getting HTMA Retest results and consultation/orientation based on unique test results and comparison ($3500) ?
  • Based on these two full day sessions, another Kitchen Detox or a session based on past 4 months and retest comparison results ($1500)

A $14,584 luxury rail trip through the Canadian Rockies from Rocky Mountaineer.

$20,000 worth of Silvercar rentals for an entire year. Think Uber but with Audis. Only Audis.

A $20,000 gift certificate from Enigma Life to have the founder fly out and tell each Oscar nominee (and host) their 2015 horoscope.

Founder Olessia Kantor will also analyze recipient's dreams and teach them "mind control techniques." You can read more about it here.

Here's everything else:

A $3.99 bag of gluten free, vegan popcorn from Live Love Pop .

$8.97 worth of designer mints from XO Mints.

A $12 StickerWallet that sticks to phones or smart devices.

A $15.99 copy of New York Times best-seller "An Invisible Thread."

$17 in wooden wick candles from Coal & Canary.

A $23 reusable bottle from Memobottle .

$24.99 in protein shakes from Purely Inspired.

A $36 hand crocheted bracelet from Sashka Co.

A $39.99 screen protector from Phantom Glass.

$45 in gluten-free cookies from Esther Easter's Treats.

A $49.95 book from The Getty of British painter Joseph Mallord William Turner's paintings.

$49.99 in clothing from Jennifer Nicole Lee's fashion line JNL Clothing.

$50 in gourmet chocolate covered pretzels and treats from Posh Pretzels.

$54.50 heel protectors from Starlettos.

$56 for two 6-packs of Naked Luxery Condoms.

A $68 6-pack of herbal tea based lollipops from Dosha Pops that will come in a 24K edible gold leaf assortment.

A $100 rechargeable sonic toothbrush from Pop Dental.

$109.85 stationary by Australian artist Natan Ferlazzo to raise funds for wildlife conservation.

A $109.95 activity tracker from Polar Loop.

A $115 DermaWand to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

$126.95 for their own star from the International Star Registry along with hard cover copy of "Your Place in the Cosmos, Vol. 10."

A $149 facial repair cream from Rejuvel.

A $149.99 LG Tone Infinim wireless headset.

A $149 wearable camera and app from Narrative Clip.

A $150 "Old Hollywood" themed gift basket from Nostalgia Baskets.

A $150 custom Sterling Silver bracelet from Lat & Lo inscribed with the latitude and longitude coordinates of the Dolby Theater in California.

$197 in luxury hair care products from Maaz Products.

A $203 Italian made scarf and backpack from Adri & Sara.

$250 worth of MyntSmile porcelain veneer toothpaste.

A $280 private tour of Tampa, Florida's Big Cat Rescue facility along with merchandise.

A $300 signed piece of art from Hollywood artist and photographer Ron Kennedy Roecker.

$350 worth of locally made California products Hazel Lane.

A $520 wellness book from Live Natural Live Well and aromatherapy massage, and consult by acupuncturist Heather Lounsbury.

$672 for a year's worth of flavored, caffeinated club soda from Caffeinated Club.

An $800 gift certificate to Candy Vixen's custom candy and dessert buffet.

A $1000 limited-edition cassette collector's item from Crush DLX with a link to their music.

A $1,072 gift voucher for a 7-day retreat from The Golden Door.

A $1,200 designer bike with an automatic transmission from Martone Cycling.

$5,000 in prints from LA artist Gunner Fox.

A $5,000 family portrait session and a 40" X 50" framed portrait from Lifestyle Photography.

Today in celebrity gossip: Sean Parker had to pay the state of California a bunch of money, Justin Bieber gets even more absurd at the Heat game, and Channing Tatum's baby has a name. Eder Guzman-Rodriguez told police that he punched Jocelyn 'over and over' after he claims he saw his daughter gesturing to him as if she wanted to fight.

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