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French fries

French fries

I put the peeled potatoes in boiling water with salt. In the meantime I cleaned and cut the eggs. I put the mozzarella on the grater, I mixed it with sour cream and I salted it a little. I washed, cleaned and cut the onion and the donut. cut sliced ​​muscle fillets.

When the potatoes were cooked, I peeled them and cut them into rounds.

I greased a tray well with butter and placed a row of slices of boiled potatoes.

I put chopped eggs over the potatoes, the fillet muscle and another layer of potatoes.

If you eat saltier, you can also season the potato layers.

I put green onions and the donut on top of the last layer of potatoes.

I poured mozzarella mixed with sour cream on top.

I put the tray in the oven for about an hour on the right heat.

Something delicious came out! I served French fries with ham pancakes.