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Nougat Recipes

Hello everyone, I'm Misya, or Flavia Imperatore, I'm 34, married to Ivano and Elisa's mother, I'm Neapolitan, a lover of travel, good food and excellent company.


Homemade nougat a really easy recipe and I didn't think it could be. Let's say that I have always eaten nougat but I had never thought of trying to make it at home but this year I wanted to try to prepare it too and I had to change my mind because it is really delicious and above all it can be a fantastic Christmas gift then you can really put in what you want, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios and even dried fruit such as raisins or currants in short, you can really indulge yourself and it will always be delicious. To be honest I didn't put the wafer because I couldn't go to the grocery store and I didn't know where else to go to buy it but you can put it if you want. It is very easy to make homemade nougat and you have to try it at least once. I put the hazelnuts this time and how do you like nougat? Try to do it yourself and then let me know if you liked it and if you enjoyed trying to do it at home like me! Ah, don't miss the live stream on page (HERE)
And now…
Well, fasten your apron…!

  • Preparation: 1 hour + 20 minutes
  • Cooking: 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • Difficulty: Very easy
  • Portions:
  • Average cost

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Preparation - Sicilian nougat

1. In a saucepan, toast the lemons for a few minutes almonds, then add it sugar.

2. Stir with a wooden spoon without stopping until the sugar becomes liquid and dark. Turn off the heat and quickly transfer the mixture onto a previously oiled marble surface.

3. Flatten the nougat using a wet meat mallet and then cut it into strips about 3 cm wide helping you with a knife and a hammer. A few seconds and your nougat is dry and hardened, ready to be enjoyed.

And here is a photo of the Sicilian nougat ready to be tasted:

Pandoro zuccotto with nougat cream

The zuccotto di pandoro with nougat cream it's a sweet without cooking composed of a pandoro shell lightly soaked in milk and a filling based on nougat, cream and Philadelphia. The same cream is then used to cover the entire external surface.

Easy to prepare, it is a spectacular dessert that can be brought to the table to amaze guests to round off the Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch.

Furthermore, it is a recycling recipe when we have many pandoro and nougat at home and we are tired of always eating them the same way.

30 minutes in the freezer will be enough to enjoy it in all its creaminess.

Fast cooking: 10 recipes to recycle leftover nougat and panforte

10 very fast cooking ideas to prepare original desserts (but also first courses) with leftovers of nougat and panforte, in less than 5 minutes!

Cooking great recipes with leftovers is an art: if it is about & # 8220fast cooking & # 8221 it can be & # 8211 almost & # 8211 a masterpiece. Here are 10 ideas for dessert recipes ready in a few minutes, to be prepared with panforte and nougat left in the fridge after the holidays.

Nutella with nougat
Try mixing nougat crumbs with Nutella: you can mix it with whipped cream and put it in a frezeer (to be eaten by the spoon) or spread it on bread ...

Cream of nougat
A really unusual first course: sprinkle the nougat grains on the cream (of pumpkin, fennel or spinach), and balance with a pinch of pepper.

Panforte with mascarpone and Porto
Make a cream with mascarpone, sugar, two egg yolks and crumbled panforte. Put in the freezer and serve with the Port.

Finger strudel
In small glass bowls, make layers of sliced ​​bread and cubes of apple dipped in red wine (or port) and cinnamon.

DIY chocolates
Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and add the chopped nougat, pour into the chocolate molds and decorate with half an almond or a coffee bean before refrigerating.

Panforte with ice cream
Cut into cubes or thin slices, it is perfect to accompany cream ice cream. The secret to complete the dessert is a dark chocolate cream or a hot berry sauce.

Tiramisu with nougat
Finely crumble the nougat and add it to the custard (also ready-made): use the mixture as & # 8220strato & # 8221 of the tiramisu, replacing the cocoa with the coffee.

Milkshake with nougat
Blend milk and hazelnut or fiordilatte ice cream (parts 2 to 1) until you get a foam: add nougat grains and dark chocolate flakes, keep in the freezer and serve in mini bowls.

Cocotte with panforte
In a small coyote or in a bowl, make a layer of diced panforte at the base, cover with cream or fiordilatte ice cream and sprinkle with cinnamon and crumbled gingerbread.

Bon bon al panforte
Melt the diced panforte with water on the stove until you get a sticky cream: create balls, to roll in the chopped hazelnuts and put in the fridge.

  1. Toast the dried fruit in the oven at 160 ° C for 10 minutes or in a pan, taking care to turn it often to avoid burning it. The dried fruit is perfectly toasted when it has given off a pleasant aroma and assumed a slightly amber color. To put aside.

Did you know that
In this recipe we used a mix of dried fruit (hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts, walnuts): you can customize the nougat according to your tastes, for example by using only a type or two of dried fruit. To make the nougat even more delicious, you can add candied fruit (cherries, limes, pineapples, etc.).

  1. Beat the egg white until stiff peaks, adding 20 g of sugar.
  2. In a saucepan, pour the sugar, water, glucose syrup and flavor with the seeds of a vanilla pod. Bring to the heat and cook until reaching 141 ° C-145 ° C.
  3. Meanwhile, heat the honey up to 125 ° C.
  4. Pour the honey at 125 ° C into the bowl with the egg whites, continuing to beat the mixture with the electric whisk. When the honey is incorporated into the egg white, add quickly, but slowly, the sugar syrup at 141 ° C

Honey and hot sugar must be added almost simultaneously to the egg white, one after the other: for this reason it is advisable to be very careful in controlling the temperatures. Honey reaches the set temperature faster than sugar, so it is recommended to pour honey first.
Let's briefly remember that sugar goes through 7 very specific cooking stages and each of these is exploited for specific uses. For example, sugar at a temperature between 141 ° C and 145 ° C is widely used for making hard candies and nougat.

  1. Continue to work the mixture with the electric whisk until the ingredients are perfectly blended (1-2 minutes).
  2. Add the toasted dried fruit and mix with a scoop or a wooden spoon: you will get a very thick but sticky mixture.
  3. Line a rectangular pan first with baking paper and then with a wafer sheet (wafer), then distribute the mixture and quickly level with a spatula.
  4. Cover with another sheet of host and level with your hands until you get a thickness of 1.5 cm.
  5. Leave the nougat to cool in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours.
  6. Cut the nougat into slices, into logs or into small pieces. Store in the refrigerator for a couple of months or in the freezer for 6 months (the sugar acts as an anti-freeze, therefore the nougat, even if in the freezer, will tend to keep its soft consistency).

Sweet Mania for Pastry

Do you have any nougat left over from the holidays and you don't know how to consume it?

One cold winter evening my dear friend Francesca, passionate about sweets like me, asked me if I had ever prepared a dessert with nougat & # 8230 reflecting no recipe came to mind. Then I had the idea of ​​trying a parfait with nougat, I peeked through my different recipe books and blogs. Dear Laura's recipe is the one that struck me more than the others.

It's a great idea when you are in a hurry but want one effect dessert, you can prepare it many days in advance and store it like ice cream in the freezer. Contrary to what it might seem, it is a lot quick and easy to prepare, you do not have to use either the oven or the stove.

Low difficulty

Doses for 4 people (about 7-8 parfaits)


* For celiacs: be careful to buy a nougat included in the AIC Handbook of gluten-free products!

Everything will depend on how you whip the egg white and cream. I therefore recommend that you use the cream when it is very cold and for a better result, place the whisk in the fridge for 5 minutes before whipping the cream. Furthermore, when you add the egg whites and cream to the mixture, use a spatula and make gentle movements from the bottom upwards to keep them from disassembling.

Result: optimal. Even without rum, the parfait was sublime, creamy like ice cream. My husband and I were content and ate only two, but I guarantee you that the call for an encore, trio, was very strong! ^ _ ^

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how good this nougat parfait, good!

It is a very good idea to be able to recycle the excess nougat. I really like it, plus it's quick and easy to do.

Thanks Mary, but you are always too nice to me! :)

Hi Kristel, glad you like it, if you want you can also use other types of nougat, such as the chocolate one, it's good all the same!

But what a delight of parfait. Good evening Laura

& # 8364lly how nice! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
It is true, it is a convenient recipe to finish the nougat.
They are also great for keeping in the freezer.
Try, it doesn't even take long to defrost them to eat them you'll see.

here I am, and as I see you are passionate about sweets! :)
I also love the almond parfait, it is a very elegant dessert
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Splendid and 'to try. Hi Lisa

How tasty. nice use of nougat :) that alone is not that I'm crazy :) with chocolate and even better thanks :)

Hi Elly. great idea to consume the nougat that I absolutely do not like. I usually chop it and use it in Chantilly cream to fill the cakes. Very good
thanks for the compliments on the hallo kitty cake .. she turned 17 .. now she is a young lady.
a kiss Lidia

Just a great idea!
Hi Elly,
I keep my fingers crossed for you too-)

@Lady Cocca and Snooky Doodle:
I also don't like white nougat, in fact I've never eaten it, but that's how it is a delight!

@ Marialetizia: in fact I thought it is the ideal dessert for an important evening. I think I'll do it for when my in-laws come for dinner!

Thanks Cannelle, Laura, in short, thanks to all of you who follow me among the foodbloggers and take pleasure in coming to my blog. I'm delighted!
A kiss to everyone who reads me and wishes you a good start to the week!

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Apart from that the semifreddo is one of my passions. :-D
The excuse of nougat leftovers is excellent but in my house it is not valid: there is never anything left. :-(

Just think that we had a great time in Ischia and Claudia fell in love with Sant'Angelo (I had already been there on a sailing boat 12 years ago and I had done the same).
Just last night we were trying to book between June and July in Casamicciola. It would be a pleasure to have a "guide" like you ^ _ ^

P.s .: but daaiiiiii: also in Panicale. :-D The wine bar belongs to Patrizia's two children, where I recommend you go (also rent a furnished bedroom): you will certainly like its kitchen :-D

Ciaoooooo sweet. How are you. I'm finally back. But what a wonderful idea this parfait to consume all the nougat left over. I copy it immediately.
I hope to hear from you soon, a big kiss

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Elly remembers to take the hug teddy bear too and remember that. the war of hugs has started. I give you mine with sincere affection now you distribute 10 more at least. a hug is always welcome.
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@ Antonella: glad to hear from you! As soon as I have done this last exam, I will try my hand at other fantastic recipes. I recommend you always keep your fingers crossed! Because of this exam I spend all day on books, I can't take it anymore, I haven't been out of the house for more than a week.
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@ Lidia: I too send you many many sweet and affectionate hugs, and I also add a kiss! SMACK!

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If you decide to go to Ischia I do not recommend Casamicciola, there are not many beaches and places to see, maybe my Forio is better. Oh well I know I'm biased, but it's true that Forio is the most beautiful town on the island! I know some friends who rent apartments and rooms at reasonable prices, if you want I'll let you know something.
Yes, we have also been to Panicale, and also in the surroundings, Piegaro, Castiglione del lago, Città della Pieve, etc.
On our honeymoon we were instead in Pienza, Montalcino, Montepulciano, and I don't remember where! For me, holidays are in the countryside or in the mountains, the sea is home!
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oooh. but what is this goodness.
sign the recipe. and to try as soon as possible!
A big kiss .. Mimma!

Semifreddi are our possession like all spoon desserts. If we do them they never get to the photo, you want because they don't deform, you want us to like to experiment and the last ones have failed miserably.
Your & quottorroncino & quot is also aesthetically successful. What more do you want from life?
A hug
Sabrina & ampLuca

@ Mimma: good mimma and let me know how you get it!

@ Luke and Sabrina: I used silicone molds, they are certainly more comfortable for baking parfaits! Try and let me know! Kisses: D

Honey, as soon as you can, come over and collect the hug bear and the meme prize. they are all for you. baciiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Honeyoooooooo. tell us how it went
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Of course, after the party revels, a little light thing is just fine.
Hello but then who is it.
Good week Sisyphus

your parfait is fabulous.
. pity I have no leftover nougat. sigh! (I almost buy it. hehe)
ciaoooo and happy Sunday !!

But what goodness. and what a pleasure to meet you. I am glad that you will become my reader. I will mark your blog, so as not to miss your delicacies.

I was looking for a way to use the nougat received at Christmas. thank you very much I'm going to try .. and as soon as I have two minutes I take a ride on your very interesting blog. a greeting

In this period the nougat costs very little because it is about to expire, hurry up to buy it and prepare this excellent semifreddo. Yum!

Bavarian with nougat

Finely chop the nougat. Pour the milk into a saucepan, add the nougat, place on the stove, bring to a boil, stir, remove, let the mixture rest for 30 minutes.

Blend the mixture and pour it into a saucepan, add the sugar, place on the stove and heat for 3-4 minutes.

Add the gelatine previously soaked and well squeezed, then let it melt while stirring. Remove, let it cool, perfume with the mandarinetto, let it cool and, finally, add the whipped cream.

Wet a mold from the worked walls with ice water, drain it but do not dry it, pour the Bavarian cream. Keep the dessert in the fridge for 24 hours. Remove, turn out onto a serving dish and garnish with red currant bunches.

If that of Cremona is the most famous, the Torrone di di Bagnara since 2013 is PGI . If the Aquila foresees cocoa in the dough, the Sardinian absolutely does not want the use of sugar. Let's discover some characteristics and curiosities of the most famous Italian nougats.

1. The Torrone of Cremona

The nougat of Cremona is a crunchy bar of almonds or hazelnuts, whole and toasted, mixed in a mixture of honey, sugar and egg whites whipped until stiff. It is white for the covering with wafers and for the coloring of the pasta. The myth has it that the first nougat, as we understand it, was invented on 25 October 1441, on the occasion of the celebration of the marriage between Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti, by the court confectioners, who made the famous cake in the shape of a Torrazo, the tallest bell tower in the city.

2. The Nougat of Bagnara

The Bagnara nougat it is crunchy and crumbly, with a sensation of mulled wine with a light spicy aftertaste, and is obtained by cooking and processing honey, sugar and toasted unpeeled almonds, cinnamon and cloves in powder. There are two versions. With the covering of sugar in grains is the so-called variant Martiniana , while with the bitter cocoa coating it is the Roasted glazed .

3. The Sardinian Nougat

In Sardinia, each region produces its nougat varying in the addition of citrus fruits rather than spices. In general, however, it can be said that the Sardinian nougat it is characterized by the use of simple and natural ingredients, by the soft consistency, by the amber color of the final product and by the absence of sugar.

Handcrafted it is a real one test of strength ! The ingredients are mixed in on cheddargiu (copper pot) on the forredda (brick built stove). With a hard work of arms, first the honey is melted by turning it over a low heat, then it is cooked and stirred for four hours with the whipped egg whites. At the end of cooking, peeled and toasted almonds or other dried fruit are added, and everything is poured into special wooden boxes covered with greaseproof paper and wafers. Sugar is not used at all.

4. L'Aquila nougat

The Aquilano nougat , on the other hand, it is soft and characterized by the presence of cocoa in the dough . This variety is produced in the form of a stick and consists of a soft, spongy, brown colored dough with toasted hazelnuts.

5. The Sicilian nougat

Image source:

According to an ancient recipe of Arab origin, nougat Sicilian it is rigorously worked by hand. The appearance is of a crunchy almond with a hard consistency, it is prepared with simple ingredients and there are variants of pistachio or flavored with peel and candied fruit. The still hot dough is rolled out with a rolling pin, veiled with sugar and shaped by the hands of skilled pastry chefs.

Of the many artisanal recipes that distinguish the Italian regions, in your area which nougat is prepared for Christmas? Have you ever tried to make it at home? We advise you to try your hand at this recipe of Almond nougat : try and let us know!